Sebastian Roth

  Sebastian Roth is a computer scientist by trade and dedicates his free time to projects like this BEEtree-Monitor, as well as being a co-founder of Bienenschutz Stuttgart e.V., expert adviser on questions about wasps and hornets and an enthusiastic swarm catcher. In 2013 he started to observe and study wild honey bee colonies.

Felix Remter

  Felix Remter is an environmental Anthropologist examining the changes in beekeeping and apidology induced by the arrival of Varroa in Europe. One focus is the revival of the ancient tradition of tree beekeeping (Zeidlerei) in Germany. In Relation to his dissertation he produced the documentary "Beewildered Companions", funded by TransitionWoods he runs an experimental Zeidlerei and he is co-founder of the Urban Beekeeping collective in Munich.

Benjamin Rutschmann

  Benjamin Rutschmann is a honeybee researcher at the university of Würzburg. As a member of the department animal ecology and tropical biology his field of research is the honeybee ecology. Besides studying the life and resilience of wild honeybee colonies, he is interested in the nesting sites and foraging recourses used by honeybees in European forests.





We do not collect and process personal data recklessly, but place great value on capturing as few data as possible, giving you information about your own data as desired, deleting it on request, not using it for advertising or other commercial purposes and not without To give your consent to third parties. The privacy policy provides detailed information on this topic.

The information on localities and observations of the bee colonies are collected for scientific research and processed exclusively anonymously. Based on approaches such as Open Source, Open Data, Open Access, etc., parts of the information are made available to the public in a prepared form on this website. In order to protect the bee colonies from access, the pinpoint location data are not revealed yet.


The website was created entirely from open source software. A Debian Linux server as a basis, then the classic combination of Apache web server and PostgreSQL database. Drupal, expanded with Indicia the Open Source Wildlife Recording Toolkit.